Sunday, May 26, 2019

Indie Teaching Case Study: Megan Hardy

A couple of days ago I saw a headline "This teacher earns six figures teaching dungeons and and dragons classes online." I was immediately interested on many levels.

First, while I have not played D&D in years, board and card games are one of my hobbies. More than one online entrepreneur started their first online business selling cards from collectible card games like Magic the Gathering. I was interested to see how someone was making money teaching classes on something I thought of only as a way to spend money.

Second, what a great example of indie teaching. The teacher, Megan Hardy, teaches for Outschool. I had never heard of Outschool, and I was excited to learn more about this program that markets online courses to K12 students. Outschool has a link for anyone interested in teaching for them.

Third, anyone making six figures teaching is something to get excited about. According to her website, Hardy only started this adventure in December 2106.

I am sure that this type of success is not ordinary, and based on reviews, she does a great job at what she does. As a gamer, I am jealous of how she was able to find a way to combine her gaming hobby with having a positive impact on students in a way that helps her take care of her family's financial needs.

I am also impressed with Outschool, who has the slogan "Live online classes by independent teachers." My expertise is in higher ed, so I understand how they had escaped my attention before. It is great to see someone else working on promoting indie teaching!

If you are interested in indie teaching, check out the web site: